I was born in 1969, the year of Woodstock and the moon landings, and raised in Essex in the UK, and Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania. In 1988 I moved to York to study English Literature, fell in love with the city, and with the man I married. I am still living here with him. We now have five children, most of whom aren’t children anymore. I have an MA in Literary Theory and Creative Writing from Leeds University.
My twitter name is @R_E_Baldry and my facebook page is at Rue Baldry.

I was the winner of the 2017 Emerging Writer Award, a prize run by Moniack Mhor Writing Centre in partnership with The Bridge Awards. Support from this award helped me to complete my second novel, Uncle Raymond, last summer (2018).

In 2015, I was awarded a Jerwood/Arvon Fiction Mentorship, as a result of which the award-winning novelist Ross Raisin worked with me on my first novel, Still, extracts of which were published in the Arvon anthology Whisper The Wrong Name.

Uncle Raymond is the story of Wendy, a transgender stage magician, who once dreamed of a television career and now performs in village halls. It was long-listed for the Words With Jam First Page competition.

Still is the story of Albert and Edgar, who kept their love for each other secret from the world for forty seven years between 1919 and 1988. It was short-listed for the Flash 500 Novel Opening Chapter and Synopsis Competition, and long-listed for the Bridport Peggy Chapman-Andrews First Novel Prize and the Caledonia Novel Award.

Short Stories
Peach was published in Issue 265 of Pif Magazine, June 2019.
It’s 1920. An old soldier has returned home to a cold welcome. He finds a fresh peach. He has a plan.
Facility was published in Issue 2 of The Mighty Line, January 2019.
Three different people, at three different times, find their lives limited by legislation regarding public lavatories.
The Verona Suite, was the January 2019 selected story of The Incubator Selects.
A man who has made the mistake of going on holiday with his wife and small baby becomes intrigued by the glamorous people in the honeymoon suite next door.
Lara’s Baby was published in Volume 20, Issue 3 of The First Line Literary Journal, Fall 2018 (the shared first line for that issue is The window was open just enough to let in the cool night air.).
While babysitting to help out his younger sister, Dane becomes anxious, and not just about the baby.
Curly Fries was published in the February 2017 edition of The Honest Ulsterman.
Tracey would find it easier to concentrate on filling her trolley in the supermarket if she could be sure they’d made the right decision for their oldest son.
She Did Go To The Ball was published in “Life of the Party”, Issue 19 of The Broken City Magazine, Winter 2016/17 (the theme for that issue is parties and celebrations).
A fairy tale from a different perspective.
Sister Arilda of the Healing Hands was published in Issue 72 of Mslexia magazine, Winter 2016/17 (in a ‘secret fantasy’ themed showcase).
Sister Arilda is a medieval nun whose thoughts are not as pure as they should be.
Doorstep Vigil was shortlisted for the Reader Berlin Summer 2016 short story competition (themed “A Summer Night”) and published on their showcase.
Nathan and Eliza sit in their front garden, in the dark, waiting for their mum to get back from parking the car.

My One-Act play for child actors, Under The Stars, has had two Youth Theatre productions (Kelvedon Players in June 2016 and Final Curtain Youth Theatre in March 2010). I was commissioned to write short scenes performed by Final Curtain in the following part-improvised productions: ‘Why Do Girls Wear Pink?’ (2012), ‘Spirits of Another Sort’ (2011) and ‘Romeo Rocks!’ (2010).

In March 2003 my One-Act play for adults, Before the Flood, was performed by York Settlement Players after I was selected to be one of York City Council’s Six by Six playwrights. Faerie Tails, a collection of monologues and duologues, was performed at the Leeds Pub Theatre Festival in April 1993 and the Exeter Festival in July 1993. The full-length play for adults, Minor Option, was workshopped at The Library Theatre, Manchester in March 1994 and The Mercury Theatre, Colchester, in March 1993. In 1991, my full-length adult play, Theban Women, was shortlisted for the International Student Playscript competition and the Yorkshire Playwrights’ Workshop competition, having been performed as ‘Thebes Under Bacchus’ by the York University Drama Society in December 1990.


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