Name Label in Overground Underground

Overground Underground is a new magazine of experimental and community art and literature based in the North of England. Issue One launched on the 15th September and includes my story, Name Label. Half of the profits of this edition will go to the charity Young Minds, who describe themselves as 'the UK’s leading charity fighting … Continue reading Name Label in Overground Underground

Lot’s Daughters in Crossways

I am very pleased to finally have this tale out of my head and in the world. I knew the subject matter would be a little niche, thought it would be difficult to find a publisher for it. As it happened, though, I only had two rejections before it found its right home, which was Crossways.

50 Book Recommendations

Whether you want inspiration for Christmas presents, or ideas for what to read to complete your GoodReads challenge, or you'd just like to laugh at my bad taste to cheer you up on a grey day, I thought this might be a good time to post a list of 50 of my favourite books... [READ MORE]